PLAN is one component of the West Virginia Measure of Academic Progress (WV-MAP).  All students enrolled in grade 10 take PLAN except those who participate in the Alternate Performance Task Assessment (APTA) (WVDE Policy 2340:  West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress, §4.6 Program Regulations).


PLAN is curriculum-based assessment designed to provide students with an understanding of their readiness for college or the workplace in the context of the post-high school educational and career options they are considering.  The results from PLAN can be used to help students make adjustments in their course work to help ensure that they are prepared for what they want to do after high school.


The PLAN program contains academic tests in four curricular areas:  English, mathematics, reading and science.  Additionally, PLAN, as does EXPLORE for 8th graders, includes a career interest inventory, needs assessment, and plans are background information.  The PLAN tests are linked to EXPLORE and the ACT.  EXPLORE and PLAN are on approximately the same score scale to allow comparison of students’ scores on the two assessments.  The PLAN results can be used to predict performance on the ACT.


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