State Supported Cumulative Benchmark Assessment

Benchmark Assessment – 4 Benchmark Assessments


Acuity is a web-based platform that provides schools with assessment, feedback, scoring and reporting.  Acuity provides interim and formative assessments designed to inform teaching and improve student learning.


Acuity Benchmark Assessments are instructional benchmarks designed to assess student progress over the course of the school year.  These benchmark assessments are designed for students in grades 3-11 and are intended to provide a “snapshot” of student progress as it relates to the acquisition of selected 21st century CSOs.  This snapshot can be utilized by teachers to guide instructional design and interventions.  The objectives assessed in each Benchmark were chosen from several county curriculum maps and from the input provided by West Virginia teachers.  Counties are encouraged to develop their own benchmark assessments aligned to their district level curriculum maps.


The benchmark assessments are designed to be administered quarterly in the content areas of mathematics, reading/language arts, science and social studies.  All assessments, representing a quarterly instructional time period, are based on the West Virginia 21st Century CSOs.  The assessments allow educators to target instruction in reading/language arts and math with important data on student performance relative to state standards.  Acuity reports are available on the district, school, classroom, and student level.  Teachers have access to the student results immediately after students complete the assessment, and students are to be given access after the testing window ends.


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