Culminating Assessments with Rubrics


When teachers originally wrote standards-focused units of study for placement on Teach 21, we did not require a culminating assessment with a rubric.  However, our work with instructional guides and PBL designs prompted the Office of Instruction to provide professional development relevant to performance/product assessments with all subsequent projects.  The following is an example of a culminating assessment with an accompanying rubric from the sixth grade instructional guide titled The Civil Rights Exhibit.  The author of the unit titled Realizing the Dream: The Civic Rights Movement later developed this instructional guide with a culminating assessment and rubric that can be used with this unit.  The link to the culminating assessment is as follows:  On the same page under the section titled “Links and Other Resources” there is a link to the rubric used to evaluate this culminating assessment.


In Lesson 12 of Unit 7 titled Geometry Panes in a Mathematics 7 unit we find a culminating assessment for the unit and the rubric developed to evaluate the project.  The link is as follows: