Culminating Assessments


An effective performance task and culminating assessment in the 21st century classroom place the student in authentic learning experiences. Students are given real-world goals and assigned a real-world role. They are given a real-world audience for this real-world situation, and the product or performance they are assigned is also real-world or authentic. The standards for acceptable performance are clearly articulated within the assessment task. The following acronym is a guide to creating authentic 21st century performances or products to serve as culminating assessments:


Elements of an Effective Performance Task and Culminating Assessments

  G = real-world goals

  R = real-world role(s)

  A = real-world audience

  S = real-world situation

  P = real-world products and performances

  S = standards for acceptable performance


Examples of culminating assessments, with accompanying rubrics, are found within the instructional guides posted to Teach 21,