Increased Alignment and SAT and ACT


The teams of teachers assembled to author the 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools were directed to align and the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), as well as the standards adopted by both ACT and SAT. Because the teachers were held responsible for the NAEP alignment first, they maintained detailed records related to the alignment between the WV CSOs and the NAEP standards in all content areas.


Teachers were also provided with copies of the ACT standards and detailed charts related to the standards assessed by ACT EXPLORE, Plan and the ACT Assessment. After teachers aligned with NAEP standards, they then reviewed to ACT standards to determine if they were also aligned to ACT. All schools in WV administer the ACT EXPLORE to 8th grade students and PLAN to 10th grade students; it is imperative that our teachers see and understand this alignment in order to help students and their parents utilize the rich online resources available through the ACT EPAS system.


SAT provided the WVDE content coordinators with copies of the SAT standards that were in draft form during the content standard revision process. Teachers also read and studied those materials to monitor alignment with the SAT standards.


        ACT College Readiness Standards

        College Board Standards for College Success English Language Arts