21st Century Partnership


††††††††† As the world becomes more competitive and complex, our nationís future depends on the education of our young people.Joining the Partnership for 21st Century Skills allowed West Virginia stakeholders access to a wealth of information and expertise as we began to systematically transform our public school system with a goal of providing all West Virginia Children with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to excel in a fiercely competitive global world.

††††††††† We have provided a link to the Partnershipís Framework for 21st Century Learning that guided much of our thinking and work as we revised the WV Content Standards and Objectives and began to transform our practices.The WVDE Office of Instruction submitted the first draft of our 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives for WV Public Schools to the Partnership for review.Their responses to our work provided information that led to further revisions prior to submission to the WV State Board of Education for approval.


       21st Century Partnership

       Partnership for the 21st Centuryís Response to West Virginia Proposed Standards

       Framework Overview

       21st Century Skills in West Virginia (2008)