21st Century Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment --- How It Works

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Built on World Class Curriculum Standards for


Learning Skills &

Technology Tool Skills


Reading/English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies



21st Century Themes

Global Awareness, Financial & Civic, & Personal Health



Personal/Work Place

ISTE Standards

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The Development of WV 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives, Learning Skills and Technology Tools

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Initial Analysis of West Virginia’s 20th Century Content Standards and Objectives

Resulting WV 21st Content Standards Objectives, Learning Skills and Technology Tools


(Indicators of Quality)

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2005 Content Standards and Objectives

Increased Content Rigor

2006 Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Alignment Study

Increased DOK Levels and Alignment Study

NAEP Alignment

Incorporated Emerging Content

Rigor & Relevance Framework Application

Established/Integration of 21st Century Learning Skills & Technology Tools

21st Century Partnership

Increased Alignment to NAEP

Increased Alignment & SAT and ACT

WESTEST2 Alignment Study to CSOs

College Readiness

Dr. William Schmidt Alignment of Math and Science CSOs to TIMSS Standards

Mathematics Program Improvement Review Documents (including 21st Century Elements)


21st Century Standards Based Curriculum – How It Works!