K-3 Informal Math Assessment

The goal of the West Virginia K-3 Informal Mathematics Assessment (IMA) is to enable teachers and schools to stimulate, nurture, and monitor students’ mathematical progress and knowledge in three cognitive categories:  Conceptual Understanding, Procedural Skills, and Problem-Solving.  The IMA provides teachers with tasks correlated to the West Virginia 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives.  These tasks support Classroom Assessment for Learning as they are intended to provide the teacher with information on student understanding and learning of mathematical concepts.  The IMA supports standards-based assessment and should drive standards-based instruction in the classroom.

Conceptual Understanding

Students will demonstrate they are able to


Procedural Skills

Students will demonstrate they are able to


Students will demonstrate they are able to

Third Grade Informal Math Assessment

Third Grade Student Record Sheet

Second Grade Informal Math Assessment

Second Grade Student Record Sheet

First Grade Informal Math Assessment

First Grade Student Record Sheet

Kindergarten Informal Math Assessment

Kindergarten Student Record Sheet