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Identifying Technology Tools for Schools

The West Virginia Board of Education and the West Virginia Department of Education have been working to move toward the implementation of quality, digital instructional materials that are engaging for students and can be updated annually for all content areas. We have requested and received changes to WV Code and State Board of Education policies have been revised to support the transformation of our classrooms into active learning environments in which students use appropriate 21st century skills and tools to solve problems, think critically, and create new knowledge and products.

This document represents the best thinking of various groups of K-12 classroom teachers and educators from across the state.  Transitioning from print-based instructional materials to electronic resources represents a major paradigm shift for classroom teachers. Hearing their collective voices is an important component of the process; but using the collective thinking represented by this document is critical to the success of our transformation to EducateWV classrooms.


Instructional Materials Digital Stakeholders' Recommendations


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