Grade 9 NxG ELA Units

Implementation of the Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for English Language Arts through engaging instruction coupled with rigorous learning activities and assessment is hard work. During the 2011-2012 school year, a dedicated group of WV classroom teachers worked collaboratively to study the ninth grade standards, objectives and performance descriptors and designed quality units of instruction that encompass the content, skills and understandings reflected in this set of grade level standards. These units model student engagement, rigorous learning activities and formative assessment processes that inform the teacher’s instructional planning and the student’s learning practices.

Unit 1: Memories: Sharing Our Stories

Unit 2: Research (May be taught throughout the year)

Unit 3: Let Freedom Ring

Unit 4:  A Mid-Semester Dream Come True

Unit 5:  From Ramses to Washington to Me


Best Practices Guide for 9th Grade


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