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English 12 CR Course


English 12 CR, Course Number 4014, is aligned to the Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for English 12 as well as the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy College and Career Readiness Standards.  As stated in West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2510, this is an approved English 12 course and accepted by the WV Higher Education Policy as English 12. Thus, it is not a course to be offered in addition to English 12. English 12 CR is a rigorous course designed for students within approximately 4-5 points of the acceptance score for college admission into a credit-bearing entry level English course. Engagement in this rigorous course of study will assist those identified students in attaining acceptable admissions score for entrance into the credit-bearing freshman English course.

It is important that students be placed in the course using the placement guide provided. Students meeting the identified guidelines are the only students who should be placed in this course. Guidance counselors, parents and students need to understand the placement process and the rigor of the work involved. English 12 CR was designed by expert WV teacher leaders and higher education faculty to move students to College and Career Readiness by the time they graduate high school.

English 12 CR Second Semester Webinar

Best Practices English 12 CR

Course Syllabus

Summary of English 12 CR

Placement Guidance Document



Unit 1: Sentence Writing: Look to Your Future

Unit 2:  Paragraph Writing: Friend Me, Follow Me, Hire Me!

Unit 3:  Modes of Writing Part A: Tools for the Future

Unit 4: Modes of Writing Part B: Tools for the Future

Unit 5:  Essay Writing:  Back to Your Future

Unit 6:  Literary Analysis Part A: Aren't You the Shrewd One?

Unit 7: Literary Analysis Part B: Don't Know Much About History

Unit 8: Research Writing: Past - Forward to the Future

Unit 9: Community Service: Save the Future

Unit 10: Portfolio Presentation: The Real World





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