12 Powerful Words That Trip Up Students on Standardized Tests


 Larry I. Bell, a nationally-recognized educational consultant and author, has identified 12 words that are commonly used on standardized tests and that cause students difficulty when they encounter them.  These words can confuse students and result in wrong answers when the student may have known the information.  Mr. Bell claims that by incorporating these words in your students' daily life it will boost their academic achievement. 



12 Powerful Words Poster

Matching Cards for the 12 Powerful Words

Songs and Poems Using the 12 Powerful Words

Larry Bell Presentation on the 12 Powerful Words

Poem Created by a WV Teacher Using the 12 Powerful Words

12 Powerful Words at Point Pleasant Intermediate School


Short videos of students singing or rapping the 12 Powerful Words may be found at the following links:

Elementary Students


High School Students



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