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What is the TASC Test?


TASC is a brand name and registered trademark for a test used to measure high school equivalency. The TASC tests were developed to allow adults a "second opportunity" to prove acquisition of contemporary high school skills and life skills. For the thousands of West Virginians who have not completed high school, the issuance of the State of West Virginia High School Equivalency Diploma, based on the passing the five TASC content area tests, provides them with the opportunity to demonstrate academic skills at a high school level of competency.

Subtests of the TASC Test

Language Arts, Writing

The Language Arts, Writing Test has two parts.

  1. There is a time limit of 75 minutes to complete the first part which consists of multiple choice questions that test your knowledge on
    • Organization
    • Sentence Structure
    • Usage
    • Mechanics
  2. The second part requires you to write an essay on an assigned topic that assures all components of written communication have been mastered. There is a time limit of 45 minutes for this part.

To learn the techniques for writing an essay, find an adult education (AE) program near you.

Social Studies

There is a time limit of 70 minutes to complete the Social Studies Test which consists of multiple-choice questions designed to measure concepts and skills from the academic high school subject areas of:

  • History (United States or Canada, 25%; World, 15%)
  • Geography (15%)
  • Civics and Government (25%)
  • Economics (20%)


There is a time limit of 80 minutes to complete the Science Test which consists of multiple-choice questions designed to measure concepts and skills from:

  • Physical Science (physics and chemistry, 35%)
  • Life Science (45%)
  • Earth and Space Science (20%)

Language Arts, Reading

There is a time limit of 65 minutes to complete The Language Arts, Reading Test. It consists of multiple-choice questions designed to measure your knowledge of various genres, understanding of literary periods and movements, comprehension, analytical skills, and application skills.

Literary texts constitute 75% of each test and include at least one selection from each of the following areas:

  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Prose Fiction before 1920
  • Prose Fiction between 1920 and 1960
  • Prose Fiction after 1960

Nonfiction texts constitute 25% of each test and include two selections of nonfiction prose from any two of the following areas:

  • Nonfiction Prose
  • Critical review of visual and performing arts
  • Workplace and community documents (mission and goal statements, rules for employee behavior, legal documents, letters, and excerpts from manuals).


The Mathematics Test contains multiple-choice questions consisting of alpha-numerical and numerical problems that emphasize the ability to solve real-life problems and the ability to perform multi-step computations.

This test includes content from the areas of:

  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic measurement
  • Number relations
  • Data analysis

This test consists of two parts. There is a total time limit of 90 minutes for the Mathematics Test. You are allotted 45 minutes for each part.

  • Part I allows the use of the Casio FX-260 calculator.
    • You may want to visit your ABE center or purchase this specific calculator to learn how to operate it prior to the test.
    • A calculator will be provided for at the Testing Center. You may not bring your own calculator into the testing room.
  • Part II does not allow the use of a calculator.

Sample questions for the TASC Tests may be found by visiting the Test Assessing Secondary Completion and PBS Literacy.