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TASC Forms and Reports


West Virginia TASC Statistical Report July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

West Virginia TASC Statistical Report July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

West Virginia Option Pathway Statistical Report July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

TASC 2015 Technical Report

TASC/TRA Updates for Spring 2017 (Training PowerPoint)



Important Information about the TASC Test

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Practice Tests/WV TASC Forms

  • Please remember that all centers should now be using only the TASC Readiness Assessment (TRA) to verify a student's readiness to take the TASC test. The OPT may no longer be used.
    • Form 4 and Form 5 are currently available only in paper-based test (PBT). The order form is located on the website
    • Form 3 is currently the only form available in the online TRA. Therefore, if you are retesting students on the TRA within a 30 day period, you will need to have Form 4 and/or Form 5 available in the PBT format in order to alternate tests.
  • There is a 30-day wait period in between retakes of the same form of the TRA. Alternate forms may be used within the 30 day period, if available. Example: If a student takes the TRA using Form 3, he/she must wait 30 days before he/she can retake the test again using Form 3. However, the student can test on Form 4 or Form 5 within that 30 day period.
  • The TASC Readiness Assessment Materials Order form is available on the website at (Scroll down to get to the form link.)
  • Please make sure that you discard any previous versions of the WV TASC Form and begin using the most current version (revision date 03/2017). Contact the WV TASC Office at 304-558-6315 or for a copy of the form(s).
  • Students must take and pass the TRA again before they are permitted to retake a subject area TASC test. They must also complete a new WV TASC Form in order to verify readiness prior to retesting on the TASC test. Note: Option 2 students are permitted to test in only one subject area of the TASC test (with the exception of Reading and Writing, which must both be taken if they are recovering English credits). They may NOT switch to another subject area test if they find the one they have tested in is too difficult to pass. Option 3 students must take the entire TASC test before being permitted to retest in a subject area.
  • Effective immediately, teachers must submit completed WV TASC Form, a copy of the student's current photo ID, and the TASC/TRA Testing Procedures for Examinees to the TASC Examiner at least 5 days before the scheduled test date.

Before TASC Testing

  • Review and have students sign the TASC/TRA Testing Procedures for Examinees (located under Additional Forms below) . Keep a copy of this form in the student file and give the student a copy. Send the original of this form to the Examiner along with the WV TASC Form and copy of student's current photo ID.
  • Go over the following with your students:
    • Students caught with cell phone during testing – cannot retest for 6 months;
    • Students caught cheating – cannot retest for 6 months;
    • Students who are caught discussing TASC test content with teachers, students, parents, friends, etc. – cannot retest for 1 year.
  • Discuss with students that the essay is the last question on the Writing subtest – it is not the question in the middle of the test that instructs them to write a short essay.
  • Discuss with students that they need to paraphrase what they read when citing examples from the text on the Essay. Copying and pasting too much information from the text will result in a “0” on the essay score.
  • Schedule students for the Writing and Social Studies tests in ample time for them to get their scores if they are scheduled to graduate (remembering that it may take up to 5 business days to get these scores back for these tests).
    Note: Adult Education students must take the entire TASC test the first time. However, if you have a student who you feel should be given the opportunity to take the TASC test one subject at a time, please complete the Request for Student to Take One Test at a Time form. The request will be reviewed by the TASC Office staff.

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Serving Homeschooled, Option Pathway and/or Mountaineer Challenge Academy (MCA) Students

  • Homeschooled students who wish to attend WV Adult Education classes may do so provided they are age appropriate and have a verification of completion* letter signed by their county superintendent (for more information and a sample letter, see Guidance on Students who are Homeschooled).
  • Remember that homeschooled students must have proof of the date they completed* home school (letter signed by the county superintendent) and be at least 17 years old (must be at least 18 years old if they live in Cabell, Marshall, Monroe, or Wyoming County) before they can take the TASC test.
    *Completion of home school means one of the following:
    • Homeschool student has reached compulsory school age and parent has notified county homeschooling has been terminated
    • Homeschool student has been issued a homeschool diploma.  The homeschool diploma could be issued before age 17 but WVBE policy does not allow students to test before age 17 (unless certain exceptions exist)
  • Adult Education teachers should refer all MCA students to their home high school. MCA students must return to their school in order to finish their graduation requirements and receive their diploma.
  • Adult Education teachers are not permitted to administer the TRA to or serve Option Pathway students since these students are still enrolled in public school.

For more information on serving homeschooled and students ages 16-18, see TASC Updates at

TASC Test Self-Registration

  • All students must be self-registering using the TASC student self-registration site at This allows them to go in to their account and view their scores at any time. Teachers and/or Examiners should not be registering their students (except for students in institutional facilities). Instructions for the Self-Registration process is available at and at There is also a Self-Registration Flowchart (see Flowcharts section below) that may be helpful.
  • Establish student email accounts (if applicable) before beginning the self-registration process, not on the same day. Do not use AOL as the email provider since the student will not receive their confirmation emails.
  • Go to to access an instructional video by DRC on the Self-Registration and Scheduling process for examinees. This is a generic video for all TASC test states, so includes information on how to pay for the test. You may want to direct your students to skip the section on payment.
  • See the Self-Registration Flowchart (Flowcharts section below) for instructions on how examinees can create their own account in self-registration if previously registered by the Examiner.
  • Remind examinees to select only the test date given to you by the examiner. Selecting a date other than the date given by the examiner may cause delays in testing. See Examinee Instructions for Virtual TASC Test Scheduling for directions on how to schedule a TASC test.

TASC Help Desk

  • Adult Education teachers, Option Pathway teachers, and students may only call the TASC Help Desk, 888-282-0589, for issues relating to self-registration, the TRA, or when needing to get “No Shows” rescheduled to take the TASC test.
  • DO NOT call the Help Desk for scoring issues – only WVDE TASC Office Staff may contact the Help Desk for scoring issues. Contact the WVDE TASC Office Staff (Debbie Robinson or Kathy Garten) at 304-558-6315 or

Getting TASC Scores from Another State

Process for Requesting Missing TASC Test Scores


  • Allow 5 business days for scores for the Writing and Social Studies tests and 24 hours for Reading, Science, and Math tests on the Computer-Based Test. Allow up to 10 days for scores on the Paper-based Test.
  • If still no scores after this time period, complete the Request for Student TASC Test Scores. Requests for missing scores will not be processed without this completed form and the required documentation.
    • Attach a copy of a current photo ID and a release of information form (WV TASC Form signed by student or a General Release of Information form).
  • Submit the completed form and attached documentation to your Examiner. If the Examiner is unable to look up the scores, forward the form and attached documentation to the TASC Office at or via fax at 304-558-4874.
  • Do NOT call the TASC Help Desk for missing scores.
  • Do NOT reschedule a student to retake a subtest until scores have posted for that subtest. This causes a major problem with scoring and may cause the student to not get scores for either test.
  • If a student receives an Essay score of “0” but there is no condition code, complete the Request for Rescoring of Essay form at


  • Begin troubleshooting for missing scores as soon as you know that there is a problem (e.g., if scores have not posted for Reading, Science, or Math after 24 hours or after 5 business days for Writing and Social Studies).
  • Be proactive on paper-based testing by checking to make sure that the information on the answer sheet matches what is in ORSS (West Virginia Site):
    • First and Last Name
    • UUID
    • Date of Birth
    • Barcode number
    • Date Test is Scheduled is same as date tested (as indicated on answer sheet)
    • Form on which student is testing
    • PBT is selected in ORSS
  • Do NOT reschedule a student to retake a subtest until scores have posted for that subtest. This causes a major problem with scoring and may cause the student to not get scores for either test.
  • If unable to resolve scoring issues, complete the Request for Student TASC Test Scores form submitted to you by the teacher and email to the TASC Office,
  • Do NOT call the TASC Help Desk for scores. Contact the TASC Office at 304-558-6315 for assistance.

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Applying for Accommodations

  • Please use the most current form of the Special Testing Accommodations Request Form located on the website, Scroll down the page to the Accommodations section.
  • Submit the completed Request Form to your TASC Examiner. Be sure to attach the appropriate supporting documentation. Also, be sure that the accommodations you are requesting are valid requests documented in the IEP and/or psychological reports. For example, you should not request an audio version of the TASC test unless their is documentation verifying that the student has a disability that requires this accommodation.
  • The Examiner will review the request form and submit it to the TASC Office. Note: In the event the Examiner is not available to review your request, you may submit it directly to the TASC Office.

Preparing before Retesting

  • Students who do not pass one or more subjects on the TASC test should spend time before retaking the test. The teacher will determine when the student is ready to retake the TRA.
    • May now repeat a TASC test form once every two months. Note: There is still a 30-day wait period in between retakes using the same form of the TRA.
    • Must retake and pass the TRA on the subject areas in which will be retesting and complete new WV TASC Form before being allowed to retake the TASC test.

Request to Change Information on Examinee's TASC Records

  • Complete the Request to Change Information on Examinee’s Record (see form below).
    Note: The only way a name change can occur once the TASC test has been completed is through a court order; name changes are not made due to a marriage/divorce once the complete test has been passed without a court order.

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Forms for Adult Education/Option Teachers and TASC Coordinators/Examiners

West Virginia TASC Forms
The West Virginia TASC Form is to be used to verify that an examinee is age appropriate and has met the minimum requirements on the required practice test before he/she can be admitted to TASC testing . This form must be completed and signed by the student and teacher. For examinees under the age of 18, a parent/guardian signature is also required (unless in an institutional education or Mountaineer Challenge Academy program). A copy of this form should be kept in the student's file. The orginial should be given to your TASC Examiner. Contact the WV TASC Office at to request these forms.

  • TASC Apdx 1 WV TASC Form Adult Education/Option Pathway
  • TASC Apdx 1-A WV Form Mountaineer Challenge
  • TASC Apdx 1-B WV TASC Form Job Corps
  • TASC Apdx 1-C WV Institutional Education Programs
  • TASC Apdx 1-D WV Form Juvenile Centers

Additional Forms

  • TASC/TRA Testing Procedures for Examinees (WV TASC Examiner's Guidelines, Appendix 2)
    Go over this form with TASC test examinees prior to their first testing session in order to ensure that they understand the TASC testing procedures.
  • Request to Change Information on Examinee's Record (WV TASC Examiner's Guidelines, Appendix 10)
    This form is to be used in order to request a change of information (e.g., name, date of birth, social security number, etc.) on an examinee's record. Proper documentation and a copy of a current government-issued photo ID must be submitted at the time of the request.
  • Request for Student Account to Be Opened for Retesting (WV TASC Examiner's Guidelines, Appendix 17)
    This form is to be used if an examinee's record is still showing as scheduled in ORSS (also known as the West Virginia Site) but needs to be rescheduled to take one or more subject area tests. Examiner must indicate the exact date upon which the student needs to be rescheduled to take each subject area test.
  • Request for Student TASC Test Scores (WV TASC Examiner's Guidelines, Appendix 18)
    This form is to be used in order to request student TASC test scores. This form should be submitted to the TASC Examiner for processing. A copy of the signed WV TASC Form or the WVAdultEd General Release of Information form and a copy of a current government-issued photo ID must be attached to the request. Forms with incomplete or missing information/documentation will be returned. This form is to be submitted to your TASC Examiner.
  • Request for Rescoring of Essay
    This form is to be used to request a rescore of an essay for a student who received a "0" on the essay but there is no condition code showing on the score report that indicates why the student scored a "0".
  • TASC Interstate Testing Request Form (PDF)
    This form should be used to request TASC test scores for an examinee who tested in another state.
  • Request for Student to Take One Test at a Time (Online form)
    Use this form to request for an adult education student to be able to take one subtest at a time on the TASC test (or do partial testing).
  • Self-Registration Flowchart (PDF)
    This flowchart may be used to help assist students with the TASC test self-registration process.
  • Guide for DiplomaSender (PDF)
    Guidelines for examinees on how to create a DiplomaSender account so that they can view scores, order replacement diplomas, order transcripts, etc.

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TASC Office Contact Information

For questions relating to the TASC test, contact us at or 304-558-6315.

Office Staff:
Ellen Killion, Option Pathway Coordinator/State TASC Administrator
Debbie Lively-Robinson, TASC Analyst
Kathy Garten, TASC Analyst


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