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Think-Pair-Share (Lyman, 1981) is a summarization strategy that can be used in any content area before, during, and after a lesson.  The activity involves three basic steps.  During the "think" stage, the teacher tells students to ponder a question or problem.  This allows for wait time and helps students control the urge to impulsively shout out the first answer that comes to mind.  Next, individuals are paired up and discuss their answer or solution to the problem.  During this steps students may wish to revise or alter their original ideas.  Finally, students are called upon to share with the rest of the class.  There is also a Think-Pair-Square-Share.  In this strategy, partners discuss answers with another pair before sharing with the class. This activity ensures that all students are interacting with the information.  Teachers can use this activity in the formative assessment process as they walk about the room listening to student conversations.


Think-Pair-Share My Partner's Thoughts


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