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RAFT is a writing strategy that can be used in all content areas and offers students a choice in their writing assignment.  R stands for Role - the person or thing that students will become.  A is for Audience - the person or people who will be reading the finished product.  F is for Format - the way in which the writing will be done.  Examples might include letter, brochure, memo, speech, or advertisement.  T stands for Topic - what the writing will discuss.  Students can demonstrate their mastery of content knowledge in this manner.  A RAFT allows for differentiated instruction because students get choice in their assignment based on their interest.  The RAFT is similar to the FAT-P (Format, Audience, Topic, Purpose) that is used in the Academic Prompts in the Instructional Guides on Teach 21.

RAFT Example for Social Studies

RAFT Example for Math

RAFT Example for Language Arts

RAFT Example for Science

Websites on RAFT:

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