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List-Group-Label (Taba, 1967) is a vocabulary strategy where students are asked to generate a list of words, group them according to their similarities, then label the group.  This would be a great companion activity for AlphaBoxes.  For example, if the teacher asked students to brainstorm a list of words they associate with danger, students might list words like run, enemy, shout, gun, snake, alarm, scream, spider, warn, scare, poison, cry, siren, stranger, escape, fire, bear, and shelter. Students would group the words according to the categories they identify.  Students might group the words run, shout, scream, warn, cry, and escape as things they would do if faced with danger.  They might group the words enemy, gun, snake, spider, poison, stranger, fire, and bear as things that could cause danger.  If words do not fit in a specific category students can either create a miscellaneous category or brainstorm new words to add to the list.  This exercise allows students to practice and devlop their vocabularies without being concerned with looking up definitions.  The act of categorizing supplies a structure for students to begin learning meanings of unfamiliar words or deepening their understandings of words with which they were already familiar.


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