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Learning Inventories

When teachers know how their students learn best, they can design instruction that benefits all students.  Knowing their own learning profile can help students become better learners, because they will be able to adjust their interaction with new material in order to understand and retain it.  Several learning inventories are included in the Getting to Know Students Packet on the main page.  Below are some links to online learning inventories that students can take to find out how they learn best.


Websites on Learning Inventories:

Learning Styles

Find Your Strengths

Learning Style Inventory

What's Your Learning Style?

Abiator's Online Learning Styles

Educational Inventories: Learning Style & Multiple Intelligence

Teaching Tips: Learning Style Inventories (Links)

Assessing Your Learning Style

VARK: A Guide to Learning Styles

Multiple Intelligences Inventory

Activating Prior Knowledge
Vocabulary Development
Comprehension Strategies
Summarization Techniques
Writing Across the Curriculum
Getting to Know Students
Technology Tools