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Anticipation Guide

An Anticipation Guide is a before reading strategy used to start students thinking about what they know (or think they know) about a topic.  The teacher develops the Anticipation Guide by creating 5-10 statements about the content students will be exploring.  Students read each statement and Agree or Disagree with it.  They do not have to share their answers, but they have to put an answer for each statement.  After they have agreed or disagreed with each statement, students are to read the related text, and they can change or revise their answers if they learn something new.  The Anticipation Guide may be used as an assessment for learning, but should not be used for a grade.

Sample Anticipation Guide for Social Studies

Sample Anticipation Guide for Literature


On the Web:

Anticipation/Reaction Guide

Sample Anticipation Guide for Miss Rumphius - PDF

Sample Anticipation Guide for a Science Textbook - PDF



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