8th Grade Youth & Government Seminars

The Youth & Government Seminars are an annual cooperative effort of the West Virginia Department of Education and the Youth Leadership Association. The program brings eighth grade students from all sections of the state to Charleston, WV for three days while the Legislature is in session.

Program Description
The Youth & Government Seminars provide an opportunity for eighth grade students throughout the state to learn more about state government by observing it and interacting with its leaders.

Each school may bring as many students as they wish, but registration is on a first come first serve basis. One chaperone for each eight students is required.

Counties select their representatives according to locally developed criteria. The program
begins on a Monday afternoon and operates through Wednesday afternoon. During this time, participants observe the operation of various branches of state government, question its leaders, interact with media representatives and lobbyists and generally gain an understanding of the function and operation of government by experiencing it.

Each day is devoted to one branch of government. The program begins with activities designed to sensitize students to the origins of and need for laws. This is followed by an opportunity to prepare for activities related to the legislature component of the program the next day. After examining the legislative branch, student study, in turn, the judicial and executive branches.

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Doug Wetsch, Director

8th Grade Youth and Government Seminars


400 Main St. - P.O. Box 239

Point Pleasant, WV  25550

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