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History Lab Resources from UMBC:


For those of you who love PBL you will love history labs, basically same concept.  The resource below is great with many lessons plans and labs.  It also has how to videos and a lab template.



What is a History Lab?

A preponderance of research in the field of history education has demonstrated that effective teaching of the subject relies on active student learning of the reading, writing and analytical skills involved in historical inquiry. By actively investigating the past, rather than passively memorizing ready-made facts or accounts assembled by others, students strengthen their critical reading and writing skills, and improve their ability to handle and retain vital content information. They also develop a sense of control and ownership of the knowledge they assemble that fosters genuine and lasting interest in the subject.

In a History Lab, students:


100 Leaders in World History 

National History Day (NHD) announces the 100 Leaders in World History program, sponsored by Kenneth E. Behring. The 100 Leaders in World History program is designed to help students and the public better understand leadership by reviewing the leadership qualities and legacies of great leaders from the past.


For this project, NHD partnered with George Mason University's Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media to bring together a leading panel of historians, teachers, and students, tasked with identifying 100 world leaders in history who left a lasting legacy. The program includes a gallery of 100 significant leaders in world history, 100 days in which the public can vote on the leaders by rating them on five dimensions of leadership, and a set of classroom resources to help educators engage young people in a study of leadership and legacy in history.


Are you ready to lead?  








The WV Rosie the Riveter project was featured on the Today show on Christmas Eve.  They did not mention WV but all of the ladies live in West Virginia and the segment was actually shot here earlier in the year.  It is a great segment to show students when talking about WW II and the links can be found below.


 Here’s the link to the spot:

>>>>>>>> http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/50288752

Both the video link and the heard it on TODAY link will remain active in perpetuity.

 Here's the blog post and link!


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The West Virginia Rosie the Riveter Project:  A Model for America







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