Smarter Balanced Assessment
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The Difference Between WESTEST2 and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Pilot

WESTEST 2 Smarter Balanced Assessment Field Test*
Who All Schools
Grades 3-11
Selected Schools for Scientific Sample
Any Schools for Practice Test
Format Fixed Form Online with an Online Writing Session Online plus Performance Task
(Pilot is not computer adaptive)
Content Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics
Test Items Selected Response
(Online Writing - Extended Response)
Selected Response, Constructed Response, Technology Enhanced Items and Performance Task
Alignment West Virginia Content Standard and Objectives Common Core State Standards
(West Virginia Next Generation Standards)
Untimed Untimed
Development WV Educators Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium including WVDE staff and WV educators
Reports Student Reports
School Reports
No Student or School Reports
(Reports available for operational test 2014-15)

* = All students participating in the Field Test are still required to take WESTEST 2.