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SBAC Administrative Tidbits

No direct expenditures associated with participating in the pilot.

Much like standard testing protocols, tests are not for general viewing and only students should be viewing the items in the pilot.

Staff wishing to become familiar with the types of items should refer to the sample items on the Smarter Balanced website and the training test released in January.

Two online pilot test windows:

  • Scientific sample schools: February 20 - May 10, 2013
  • Volunteer Schools: April - May 10, 2013

Only in those instances when the scientific sample polite administration is occurring after the volunteer pilot opens in April will schools be able to have the administrations happen at the same time.

There are trainings webinars and upload deadlines and requirements that the scientifically selected schools will need to attend to that the volunteer schools will not.

No score reports will be issued for the student or the school.

Scientific Sample Schools

Scientific sample schools can volunteer to test other grades and other content areas when the volunteer administrations commence in April.

Approximately 10% of the schools in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium governing states have been selected as part of the scientific sample. This may or may not translate down to similar proportions at the district level.

Schools selected for the scientific sample have distinct characteristics that were determined to be critical for the post-test analysis of item performance.

Volunteer Schools

Volunteer schools are able to submit any number of their grades for participation and may volunteer to participate in either or both subjects.

Volunteer schools will be taking a different version of the assessment in the same online format as the scientific sample population.

Volunteer administrations will start in April.

A volunteer school does not mean your school is part of the scientific sample as selected scientific schools have already been identified