Projects - Human Services

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Projects for Level 3, Dollar amount $5,000



You open a bakery in your local town. There is a bagel shop a few blocks away, but otherwise, you are the only bakery in town. Your main product is croissants, and you would like to offer fundraising opportunities to local organizations, along with running a retail business



Your culinary team has received the honor of being selected to create a new gourmet menu for a food network star's newest restaurant. Not only will you be creating the menu, but you will also be selecting the location for this new hot spot! The food network star would like to locate a new restaurant in the United States, and would like to feature local agriculture as the focus for the recipes featured throughout the menu.

Design Architect


The Burger Queen executives have requested that the mock-up for the Fun Zone be designed to fit within a 20 meter by 20 meter room. The ceilings will have a height of 20 meters. Your firm will have to create an innovative vision for the Fun Zones. In creating your proposed design, keep in mind the wishes of the target audience, and the parameters and goals of the Burger Queen executives.



As a dietician, you will work to create a meal plan for a colony going into space that consists of both humans and animals. You will need to research basal metabolic rates and based on that, will estimate how many calories that each person/animal can consume in a weeks time.

Operations Director: Ice Cream


In the current environment, schools are challenged to provide healthy foods to their students, while at the same time, having the snacks be enjoyable to the students during the duration of the school day. The school board can only approve a limited numbers of items to be sold in the school cafeteria, and they are hoping to approve only snacks with high levels of nutritional value. You are hoping that your ice cream will be approved by the school board and sold in the schools.

Restaurant Entrepreneur


You are a restaurateur who will research the availability of the freshest foods that are available in abundance in various regions of the United States. Once you select a food and a location, you will create a name, develop a menu, and a logo for your restaurant. It will be critical to persuade the community to embrace this local resource and also to help the restaurant thrive within the community.

Restaurant Owner


As a restaurant owner, you will work to create a menu, seating arrangement, sample program, and then determine the cost of the event in a creative way in order to secure the reservation for the event. It will be critical to know about the needs of the company and the image that they wish to portray as you attempt to schedule and plan for this occasion.

Space Food Laboratory


A large company has decided it is going to try put humans on the moon. You have been hired to make sure that the astronauts eat a healthy diet.

The Entrepreneurial Chef


Students develop a jam, jelly, or gourmet ketchup recipe, converting it to yield marketable quantities. They can do this as a standalone activity or as part of a larger unit in which they evaluate market factors and plan a marketing strategy.