Projects - Engineering & Technical

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Projects for Level 3, Dollar amount $5,000

Digital Shed


Plan a small building using SketchUp (or an alternative CAD program) and determine material costs using a spreadsheet.

Energy on the Go: Electric Vehicles


Gain fluency in energy calculations to answer the questions "How do electric vehicles work?" and "How do you compare electric vehicles?"

Green Construction


As you conduct the site investigation, you will need to consider three primary objectives. First, you will need to determine how much sun the site receives throughout the year. This will be important as you look to provide hot water and supplemental electricity for the homeowners. You will need to look at the direction for placement of the solar panels and the size of solar panels to be utilized. Secondly, you will need to consider the trees on the property, and which trees will need to be harvested. Of the harvested trees, how can these trees be recycled and used as part of the home building process? Finally, you will need to consider rain barrels for your home, based upon annual rainfall. As your investigation goes forward, you will develop and define technical and economically feasible applications.

Mars Rover


Students will examine and evaluate their prototypes or designs based on certain criteria and constraints. Groups may enlist students from other groups to review the solution and help identify changes that need to be made. Based on criteria and constraints, teams must identify any problems and proposed solutions. Additionally, the students should utilize the embedded simulation and create a navigational path that successfully navigates obstacles on the Martian landscape.

Rigging Inspection and Safety 210


This class covers basic inspection and safety procedures for rigging equipment and lifting devices.