Projects - Engineering & Technical

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Projects for Level 2, Dollar amount $4,000

Computer Manufacturer


The United Nations has put forth an initiative to supply computers to students in all parts of the world. These are needed most by countries with economically depressed populations. As part of this initiative, the cost for the computers is required to cost a maximum of $100. The computers may only be purchased by governments that request them. Your new technology company has been approached by the governments of two South American countries. They have inquired about your ability to provide 1,000,000 computers in the next ____ months. The embedded simulation will help you develop a plan as to the number of workers and shifts that will be required to meet this demand. Can you help your company pull this off?

Green Housing


You work for a home builder and you're tiling floors. One of your jobs is to order tile for each new house that is built. The boss has given you a blueprint for a new Green home and says it is very important that you order correctly as the special heating tile is very expensive. Your goal is to take the information that you have been given, and figure out how much tile you need to order.

Lean Manufacturing Overview 130


This class describes the basic principles of lean manufacturing and compares them to traditional manufacturing approaches. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Lockout/Tagout Procedures 130


This class covers lockout/tagout requirements and procedures and includes an explanation of employees' roles during lockout/tagout. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Manufacturing Engineer


Your design team has one goal, and that is to improve the utility, visibility, comfort and aesthetic of sunglasses that are currently on the market. After collecting research, you will have to take some time to complete the ideation process. You should create a minimum of five sketches of your first thoughts related to your design improvements. Next, you should prioritize your designs, selecting one for the creation of advanced sketches of two views. These sketches should be complete with dimensions, lens tint, colors and material selections. Many extreme sport enthusiasts are looking forward to the unveiling of the new selection that will be on the market! The company is interested in the scope of your research and the decisions that your team made that will ensure competitiveness on the market.

Rigging Equipment 120


This class covers the different kinds of equipment used in rigging, the properties of rope and chains, basic knots, hitches, and sling configurations, and fittings and end attachments.