Projects - Communication Modules

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Projects for Level 2, Dollar amount $4,000

Essentials of Leadership 110


This class describes the basic responsibilities of a leader and gives helpful ideas about how to gain the respect and trust of others. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Managing the Diverse Workplace 210


This class describes the issues surrounding diversity in the modern workplace, as well as describing some employer responsibilities in regards to diversity management. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Multimedia Presentation


The multimedia presentation encourages students to be innovative and creative in their presentation of a topic, idea, and/or concept. This presentation synthesizes the oral presentation and presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Photostory, or others. Multimedia applications engage students and provide valuable learning opportunities.

Press Release


The press release allows students to synthesize important points and communicate these ideas in a focused format. The structure of the product should be of a consistent format and contain critical information presented in a one to two page narrative. This product will allow students to utilize technical writing skills through the presentation of a topic in a logical and sequential manner. This experience allows students to present important information in a format that is reader-friendly while supplying important details of an event.

Team Leadership 160


This class teaches the basics of effectively leading a team, including picking team members and resolving conflicts. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Working with Your Customer


Learn how to use customer-service techniques related to your chosen career path by scripting "bad," "better," and "best" responses to customers and creating scenarios for a Choose the Best Response game.