Projects - Communication Modules

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Projects for Level 1, Dollar amount $3,000



The brochure allows students to demonstrate their creativity through the construction of a visual and written representation demonstrating understanding of the content. The framework of the brochure can be created using publishing software, technological applications, or other technological resources.

Communicating Design Ideas


Students conduct research on issues and interests by generating ideas and questions, and by posing problems. They gather, evaluate, and synthesize data from a variety of sources to communicate discoveries.

Leaving Digital Footprints


Explores the notion of a digital footprint: a trail of information you have shared online that others can see and may have passed on. Discusses the permanence of the digital footprint and the importance of maintaining a good reputation online, free from inappropriate behaviors (including cyber bullying).



Letter writing is not as common with the new technology of email, texting, and cell phones. Having students write formal letters can help them increase their soft skills when it comes to communication for careers and when making formal inquiries.

Magazine Article


Students can work on individual articles for a magazine and potentially all of the articles could be put into a classroom or school magazine. The articles may be created individually or collaboratively.

Oral Presentation


The oral presentation can be a creative means for students to express ideas and share perceptions. This can be presented in a variety of ways. The student may present the topic without the aid of manipulatives, with manipulatives as a support for the presentation, or with manipulatives as the focus of the presentation.



Posters in the classroom can be a beneficial way to allow students to demonstrate their creativity through visual representations of critical content that is suitable for display. The posters could contain critical vocabulary that can serve as a reinforcement of the concepts and content serving as the foundation of the lesson.



The purpose of developing a questionnaire is to gather information from a group of people. You can learn a group's knowledge, opinions and preferences by surveying them through a questionnaire.

Sales Pitch/Unveiling


The purpose of the Sales Pitch is to create a persuasive oral presentation that is supported by facts, visual representations, and media when appropriate.