Projects - Business & Marketing

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Projects for Level 2, Dollar amount $4,000

Backpack Design


Students will research the various articles and informational texts to learn about various designs for backpacks. Additionally, considerations should be given to how different people use backpacks and how the primary purpose of the backpack affects the backpack design.

Computer Manufacturer


Your new technology company has been approached by the governments of two South American countries. They have inquired about your ability to provide 1,000,000 computers in the next ____ months. The embedded simulation will help you develop a plan as to the number of workers and shifts that will be required to meet this demand. Can you help your company pull this off?

Intro to Managerial Accounting 145


This class explains the basics of managerial accounting and how this information helps a manager make informed decisions.

Sunglass Manufacturer


As a product designer, you will work to create a new line of sunglasses that will keep the wearer safe from harmful radiation, while at the same time, being fashionable. You will create a design for your product, including the necessary scientific concepts to make your product visually and financially appealing to your targeted group. You will develop scale drawings of your sunglasses that will be used as part of the advertising campaign along the New Jersey coast.

Toy Designer


Students will identify toys that will be popular and desired by the target audience of children ages 3 to 11.They will be creating one toy design that will appeal to both boys and girls, or creating two designs.