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Projects for Level 3, Dollar amount $5,000



Electronic Portfolios (e-Portfolios) are dynamic, developmental spaces representing your work on the on the Web. The e-Portfolio typically includes examples of skills and achievements, as well as a reflective element. The student will need to know the standards that will be utilized as an organizing framework for the portfolio. Portfolio artifacts that demonstrate that the standard has been met will be included. These artifacts may be based upon student discretion or through guiding activities provided by the educator. Electronic Portfolios support integration of technology into the classroom. These products allow student to be creative and innovative while demonstrating understanding of the content and applications of the content. The products created may be utilized beyond this one portfolio.

Essentials of Communication 120


This class describes key types of communication and common roadblocks to communication as well as how to use effective communication as a tool to help build teamwork and manage conflict. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Intro to OSHA 100


This class covers the goals and purposes of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, including its standards, programs, and interactions with employers and employees.

MSDS and Hazard Communication 160


This class covers different types of chemical hazards, standards for hazardous chemicals, and how information about chemical hazards reaches the employee, including through MSDS. Includes an Interactive Lab.

The Safe Way


The goal of workplace safety and health programs is to ensure that every worker returns home safe and healthy each day. You can help by clearly communicating the safe way to perform a common task in a workplace environment of your choice.



The webpage encourages students to be innovative and creative in their presentation of a topic, idea, and/or concept. The webpage can be created in a static or live manner. When possible, the live version of the website is preferred as the student can utilize links to provide deeper level of information. Through this product students will need to analyze the validity of information as many websites provide information that is incorrect and /or biased in nature.