Projects - Agriculture

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Projects for Level 2, Dollar amount $4,000

Creating Energy from Sewage


Students will have to research the various attributes of sewage and discuss the process and potential for turning sewage into a usable fuel. Also to be considered should be the short and long term benefits of this process for the environment.

Foods & Celiac Disease


After researching informational texts and articles discussing the causes and effects of celiac disease, write a technical report discussing the foods that contribute to the disease and the foods that can become part of a gluten-free diet. This technical report will be shared with bakers and supermarket managers who are interested in products that can be marketed and sold to people with celiac disease. Support your discussion with evidence from your research. What implications can be drawn from the potential findings?

How Does the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Impact Small Farms and Restaurants?


Students will research the various articles and informational texts to learn about the impact and implications of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Additionally, considerations should be given to how this legislation will affect small farms and restaurants.