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What is Simulated Workplace?

The West Virginia Department of Education has implemented a new initiative "Simulated Workplaces". This initiative will enhance the delivery and changes the culture of career and technical education (CTE).

Simulated Workplaces will be rolled out to all state approved CTE programs over a three year period, transforming traditional classrooms to emulate business structures, processes and expectations. Each program will be evaluated annually using a Balanced Scorecard, based on specified factors (student mastery of the content, completion of projects, student work ethics, attendance, quality and timeliness of work, and customer service).

West Virginia's Career and Technical Education programs are transforming into real world workplaces. With the assistance of Business Partners just like you, we are able to turn our classrooms and shops into real world Simulated Workplaces across the state.

The following information and links have been designed to assist you and your business in playing a major role in the Simulated Workplace program.

If you would like to become part of the Simulated Workplace program, please contact us at 304-558-2389. We are here to assist you in assisting us in making the Simulated Workplace program a success!