Career and Technical Education is more pertinent and rigorous in today's world than ever before. The Simulated Workplace initiative has been implemented to ensure students are trained in the most up-to-date and advanced learning environments.

To ensure students are receiving the most authentic learning experiences, the West Virginia Department of Education's Division of Adult and Technical Education have collaborated with numerous businesses, post-secondary institutions, Workforce West Virginia, and educators. Through these partnerships, students are able to work toward industrial certifications, as well as acquire college credit hours through Dual-Credit and EDGE courses.

Additionally, Simulated Workplace instructors participate in various professional development activities offered on state and national levels, in addition to participating in professional learning communities involving business and industry experts. Through these types of collaborative efforts, educators are better equipped to offer the most in depth training opportunities to students; thus students are better prepared to enter the work force with knowledge of the most current industrial expectations.

In an effort to bring, the most innovative and relevant programs to students, the Simulated Workplace initiative will be offered statewide over a three year period. Instead of the traditional classroom setting, Simulated Workplace provides a state of the art, high quality learning environment. While in Simulated Workplace, students engage in team building and hands-on experiences, in addition to developing twenty-first century Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) skills through critical thinking exercises and inquiry-based projects focusing on industry ready skills and credentials.

The Division of Adult and Technical Education recognizes that today's job market requires high school graduates be more capable and skilled than ever before. Therefore, career and technical education curriculum has been adapted and implemented to foster student empowerment, in addition to aiding students in becoming leaders while attaining well-rounded work ready skills. Simulated Workplace instructors have made it their mission to produce capable, innovative, and motivated workers, ready to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, as evidenced by the consistent 96% graduation rate and 96% placement rate for career and technical education students.