Structure and Protocols

The Simulated Workplace environment (WVBOE Policy 2520.13) is governed by a set of protocols to assure consistency and quality in the local implementation of the concept. These protocols include the requirements below.

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  • Transform the classroom environment into a replicated company.
  • Utilize time clocks or some other form of formal attendance recording process.
  • Develop/Adhere to the county developed Random Drug Testing Policy, while testing a minimum of 40% of all students enrolled within a Simulated Workplace classroom.
  • Conduct an application / interview process for enrolling students.
  • Develop a company name and procedures / protocol manual.
  • Ensure all students receive quality safety training.
  • Conduct 5-10 minute company meetings (daily or weekly).
  • Submit data reports developed by students and instructor.
  • Establish work teams and an organizational system with students rotating across teams.
  • Integrate the 5S Continuous Quality Improvement principles.
  • Participate in Business and Industry yearly onsite evaluations.
  • Utilize a portfolio system for students to document learning, credentials earned, projects completed, etc.