First Two Weeks

Week 1

  1. Explain what Simulated Workplace is and the expectations of students.
    1. Time clocks and attendance
    2. Random drug testing
    3. Student portfolio
    4. Safety
  2. Begin communication with parents/guardians about Simulated Workplace expectations.
  3. Develop a company name and register it with WVDE CTE.
    * A company name will continue on from year to year.
  4. Begin developing/reviewing your company business structure with students.
    1. Include:
      1. Policy and Procedure Manual
      2. Organization Structure Chart
      3. Job Descriptions
      4. Teams
      5. Process and protocols for student profiles
      6. Protocols for documenting and tracking Balanced Scorecard categories
  5. Review CTE core curriculum

Week 2

  1. Assign students to teams and job roles within the teams
    1. Ensure every student understands their role and how it impacts the company.
      * Explain how they can move into leadership roles through good performance evaluation scores.
  2. Complete a Safety Training course
  3. Complete pre-assessment on WIN or Key Train