Establishing a Company

Starting a business is no easy task; however, all successful businesses have one thing in common — "attention to detail". The following guide will assist instructors and students in developing a Simulated Workplace.

(*Refer to other sections of the Operational Manual for clarification on the following topics)

  1. Hire a workforce
    1. Working with the counselor, conduct an application / interview process for enrolling students
  2. Establish a company name
    1. Establish a company name and register it with the West Virginia Department of Education via the Office of Career & Technical Accountability and Support (If you already have established a company name and registered it the previous year, skip this step)
  3. Develop or review organizational structures and management systems
    1. Organizational structure and management systems
      1. Organizational chart including team break downs
      2. Job descriptions
      3. Student portfolio system
      4. Student evaluation system
      5. Random drug testing protocols
      6. Quarterly / Annual reports documentation system
      7. Service Learning Projects documentation system
  4. Develop or review company policies and procedures
    1. Attendance
    2. Drug Free Workplace
    3. Dress Code
    4. Tobacco Free Workplace
    5. Weapon-Free Workplace
    6. Cell Phone
    7. Computer and Internet
    8. Social Media
    9. Workplace Harassment
    10. Safety Policies & Procedures and Related Forms
  5. Review data collection and documentation
    1. Data will be collected and documented using the Balanced Scorecard measurement tool along with local business and industry experts. These evaluation tools will determine each program's profitability and rating based on four main matrices:
      1. Financial
      2. Business Processes
      3. Learning & Growth
      4. Customer