Establishing a Company

Starting a business is no easy task; however, all successful businesses have one thing in common — "attention to detail". The following guide will assist instructors and students in developing a Simulated Workplace.

During Student Scheduling

  1. Hire a workforce
    • Work with the administrator and/or counselor to arrange a time to conduct an application and interview process for enrolling students.

First Weeks of School

  1. Review what Simulated Workplace is and student expectations including:
    • Transforming the classroom into a workplace/job site
    • Time clocks and attendance
    • Random drug testing
    • Student portfolios
    • Safety
    • 5S Continuous Quality Improvement principles:
    • Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain
    • CTE core curriculum
  2. Begin communication with parents/guardians about Simulated Workplace expectations.
  3. Develop a company name
  4. Begin developing and reviewing your company business structure with students. Include:
    • Policy and procedure manual
    • Organizational chart
    • Job roles
    • Teams and projects
    • Process and protocols for student portfolios
    • Protocols for documenting company data
  5. Assign students to teams and job roles within the teams.
  6. Complete Safety Training with a 100% pass rate.
  7. Complete pre-assessment on WIN or Key Train.