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Additional Earning Potential

In a Simulated Workplace, earning potential is the biggest profit a company could potentially make for completing projects.

Let's assume a Simulated Company completes twenty projects during the first quarter. Each employee’s project is worth $1,000, which means the company made a profit of $20,000. However, a company has to factor in delays (attendance) and professionalism (discipline) along with many other factors that could increase earnings or could subtract from earnings.

Earning potential is really an indication of the possibility of increasing a company's overall value. After all, when a company has greater earning potential, it essentially has a pot of untapped money. The untapped money could allow financial offsets for money losses due to delays, professionalism, etc. As in any company, negative money flow due to delays is often difficult to forecast. Therefore, the more a company produces (completed projects); the greater the earning potential.

Examples of Money Making Opportunities beyond the Balanced Scorecard Dollars:

  • Projects
  • Communication Modules/Projects
  • Shop Cleanliness
  • Soft-Skills Projects
  • Others, as approved by WVDE criteria