Conference Resources

The Office of School Improvement's (OSI) technical assistance supports the development of the productive resources of schools by helping them to effectively manage and evaluate aspects of the West Virginia Standards for High Quality Schools. The OSI helps schools strengthen their capacity in both human and institutional resources and to design appropriate instructional, cultural, leadership, and structural processes.

School Leadership Team Conference

September 22-23, 2014, Waterfront Hotel, Morgantown




  • Systems and Change – Chuck Heinlein




  • Focus and Lead and break our sessions – RESA 5 (Brenda Clark, Teresa Pickens, Deena Swain, Tisha Wall,  Kristi Lantz)




  • Curriculum Alignment Process (CAP) - RESA 6 (Marian Kajfez, Joe Paolo, Rick Reed, Jonathan Pollack, Mary Kay Reisinger, Cheryl Tuba)




School Leadership Team Conference

February 26-27, 2014, Stonewall Resort, WV



Conference Agenda

  • Focus on Learning - Brian Withrow
  • Reflecting on the Work - Michele Blatt
  • Big Picture View of C & I (Teaching and Learning) - Dr. Robert Hull
  • Partner School Activity


  • Principals/Central Office/RESA - Dr. Robert Hull
  • Elementary Schools - Lynn Baker, Charlotte Webb, and Sarah Lee
  • Middle Schools - Jessica George and Brenda Clark


  • High Schools - Clinton Burch and Wendy Lochner

  • Using Acuity to Guide Instruction - Leatha Williams


  • IPI Next Steps - Glenna Heinlein


  • Support for Personalized Learning - Dr. Christi Chambers and Nancy Cline
  • Co-Teaching - Wendy Lochner and Kathy Hypes


  • Quality Questioning - Dr. Mary Lu MacCorkle
  • Closing Activity - Dr. Mickey Blackwell


Office of School Improvement Conference Dates

October 22-24, '12


Leadership Team Conference (Waterfront Hotel)

Resources Below

January 25, 2013


SIS Networking (Summit Conference Center)

February 20-22, 2013


Leadership Team Conference (Stonewall Resort)

March 22, 2013

SIS Networking (Summit Conference Center)

April 25, 2013

Partner Schools Share (Waterfront Hotel)

May 24, 2013

SIS Networking (Summit Conference Center)

Leadership Team Conference

February 20-22, 2013, Stonewall Resort, WV


Sustainability: Exploring Key Concepts as a Leadership Team

- Lisa Youell

Strengths of the Team: Know Them - Use Them

- Leatha Williams

High Quality Standards Data Collection Site

- Michelle Samples & Clinton Burch

K - 5 Concurrent Sessions

- Clayton Burch, Rachel Hull & Lynn Baker

Middle & High School Concurrent Sessions

- Denise White, Joey Wiseman

Counselors Concurrent Sessions

- Barbara Ashcraft & Shelly DeBerry



Leadership Team Conference

October 22-24, 2012, Morgantown, WV



Collaborating to Provide Feedback for Learning

  • Lisa Youell & Michelle Samples

Using the Growth Data

  • Juan D'Brot

"What Great Students at North Middle Do Differently"

  • Rick Deuell & Becky Eyler

The Power and Importance of Questioning

  • Rachel Hull & Lynn Baker

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs and Evaluation  

  • Barbara Ashcraft & Shelly DeBerry

Looking  at Student Work

  • John Ford & Linda Bragg

Utilizing the High Quality Standards to Document Progress

  • Clinton Burch, Georgia Thornton & Nancy Cline

Using Acuity to Guide Instruction

  • Sandra Foster & Leatha Williams

Support for Personalized Learning

  • Ellen Oderman

Student Ownership of Data

  • Glenna Heinlein & MaryJane Pope- Albin

Increasing Community Engagement

  • Dana Powell & Lyla Grandstaff

Transforming Learning through 21st Century Skills

  • Lydotta Taylor