“One Voice, One Focus: All Students Achieving”1

Evaluating the School Strategic Plan Components

All Students Can and Will Learn


Essential Question:  How does our strategic plan promote the fierce urgency of “now” to ensure improved student achievement? 



Bulleted lists indicate items to be addressed within sections of the plan.


Core Beliefs


Mission Statement


  • Core beliefs and mission reflect the message of “One Voice, One Focus: All Students Achieving”
  • The West Virginia High Quality Standards for Schools2 are evident in the core beliefs.  (Pillars I –IV)
  • The core beliefs reflect the importance of improving stakeholder engagement through high expectations for parents, families, and community members to become partners in education.  (Pillar IV)





  • Pillar I:  Improving Teaching and Learning


  • Pillar II: Improving Safe and Supportive School Environments


  • Pillar III: Improving Organizational Effectiveness


  • Pillar IV: Improving Stakeholder Engagement






SMART Goals/Objectives



  • Goals address continuous school improvement focused on improving teaching and learning. (Pillar I). 
  • Goals address applicable priorities from the “One Voice, One Focus:  All Students Achieving” vision plan according to individual school needs.  (Priorities 1-10)  
  • Goals are determined from the analysis of various data sources that provide evidence of progress toward goals.  Suggested data sets include: 
  • Graduation Rates (Priority 1), Attendance and Truancy (Priority 6),
  • Formative and Summative Assessments (Priorities 2 ,3, 4)
  • Climate and Culture Surveys (Priorities 5, 10) 
  • Educator Evaluation System, IPI and Leadership Effectiveness Surveys (Priorities 3,7, 8, 9)
  • Self-reflection on West Virginia High Quality Standards for Schools (Priorities 1-10)

Action Steps

  • Actions describe how the goals will be accomplished.
  • Actions are appropriate, specific and sequenced to meet the anticipated outcomes of the goals
  • Actions detail person responsible and timeframe




  • Professional learning activities correlate to the goals and action steps.
  • Professional learning activities are sustained and on-going, based on student and teacher needs.  
  • Professional learning activities reflect a variety of delivery methods including professional learning communities and blended learning. 
  • Professional learning goals for adults need to be directly correlated to the goal(s) for increased student learning and should have some accountability for change in teacher practice and confidence in delivery of content standards and objectives.

"Ten World-Class Educational System Priorities for All  West Virginia Schools"

Priority 1.   We will ensure a world-class education for all students by improving teaching and learning for ALL students.  

Priority 2.   We will guarantee a high quality instructional program that contains a rigorous and vertically aligned curriculum, effective teaching, and ongoing assessments.

Priority 3.   We will provide higher levels of rigor with differentiated instruction for all students and interventions for students who are not yet proficient.

Priority 4.   We will provide a statewide early childhood focus where we teach EVERY child to read, on grade level, by the beginning of third grade and where pre-literacy  development is essential to closing achievement  gaps.  

Priority 5.   We will establish, ensure and maintain learning environments that are safe, orderly, free of bullying, nurturing, healthy, structured,  sustainable, clean, and designed  to stimulate the creativity and innovation of each learner.

Priority 6.   We will increase efforts to improve student attendance rates and reduce the overall student truancy, suspension and juvenile incarceration rates.

Priority 7.   We will provide strong instructional leadership  that is supported by ongoing professional  development with a focus on knowing the standards,  knowing the pedagogy and competently  delivering  the curriculum,  and knowing the learner.  

Priority 8.   We will promote, recruit, and retain a highly effective and a diverse workforce.

Priority 9.   We will implement and expand data management  systems, teacher evaluation systems that include student performance, and overall performance management  systems.  

Priority 10. We will develop extensive and meaningful parent and community relationships  where we communicate regularly and often with all stakeholders.