On this page you can find a regularly updated list of information regarding educational data, as well as resources for using data in your school improvement blueprint.

Using Data (video)

Using Data is a video guide that highlights improving instructional quality and practices through the use of data. The video addresses how school leaders can address problems and crucial areas with the use of data. in the Classroom holds educational resources for the use of both parents and teachers. The information provided includes math and science related articles, activity units, online aids, and curriculum guides. All resources are free and available online.

Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making

A comprehensive planning template created to help school leaders review the status of school standards and responsibility.

All Things PLC

A comprehensive website with great resources for teaming, data, goal setting, collaboration, etc.

5 Steps for Structuring Data Conversations

A guide that shows education data teams how to move behond simply reporting data to applying data to direct strategic action.