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Throughout our state, a broad spectrum of educational, civic and private organizations has long been focused on providing the support and services West Virginia students need to succeed. Yet we know that far too many students drop out of school and struggle to build productive, fulfilling lives. The WVDE, The Education Alliance and the West Virginia Center for Civic Life are working together to combine resources and build a strong, collaborative network of partnerships on the state level to address this challenge. We know that you are a a critical part of this network.

We are asking you to join with us and with each other as champions of community involvement! This team will strengthen local partnership to help West Virginia's student graduate form high school prepared for their next steps in life. Register your support today!

I believe I / my organization can help students succeed by doing the following:

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2. Engage the following individual(s) / group(s) / organization(s) to join our efforts to help students succeed:

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