West Virginia's Early Warning by BrightBytes
Increasing the graduation rates has become a central focus of the West Virginia Department of Education. With limited time and resources schools can often times become overloaded with data analysis.  Identifying at-risk students and implementing interventions at earlier ages is crucial to graduating more students. Early Warning individualizes dropout prediction and prevention using an advanced, research-based algorithm that determines the factors that drive dropouts at each school, for each student in grades 1-12. This tool uses multiple data points spanning the domains of academics, attendance, behavior, and demographics to predict the risk level of a student dropping out. Using the Early Warning module, educators can intervene early, increase referral follow-through, and track progress at the student level.
Accessing Early Warning
To access the Early Warning System you will utilize your Office 365 credentials. You will be granted access to the districts and school for which you have been granted within WVEIS WOW. Currently principals, counselors, graduation coaches, and central office staff have access. You will use the link http://www.wv.clarity.brightbytes.net to access Early Warning System.
Early Warning Help Documents
Accessing Early Warning Navigating Early Warning How Early Warning Works Early Warning Activities Early Warning Videos/Presentations Graduation 20/20 and PBIS
•How to Login •Overview •Overview •Dashboard Engagement Activity •Comming Soon - How to view videos in the Early Warning System •Graduation 20/20 One Pager
•Requirements/Troubleshooting Access •Navigation Dashboard •Security   •WV Early Warning Presentation #1 •The Collaborative Team
  •Training Guide •Predictive Analytics   •WV Early Warning Presentation #2 •The Process
  •FAQs     •WV Early Warning Presentation #3 •Data Tools
          •Additional Resources
          •WV Landscape Data
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