Commissioned Reports

The WVDE occasionally partners with outside agencies or individuals to conduct studies on behalf of the department. The publications generated as a result of these commissioned studies are posted here for public use. We have included a brief description of each study; for more information please contact Nate Hixson via email at or by phone at 304.558.2546.

Alternative Routes to Teaching: What Do We Know About Effective Policies?     download PDF Link
American Institute for Research
WV Code §18A-3-1d required the West Virginia State Board of Education to conduct a study on alternative certification programs, including the effectiveness of current methods of alternative certification, any improvements needed on current methods of alternative certification and potential additional methods of certification that would enhance the ability of the State of West Virginia to place effective teachers in areas of high need. The WVDE commissioned a white paper from the American Institutes for Research’s (AIR) Center on Great Teachers and Leaders to address this topic. AIR researchers examined the existing research literature and summarized the results into four major topic areas for West Virginia’s consideration: (1) the impact of preparation program type upon student achievement, teacher recruitment and retention; (2) research-based recommendations on how states can set effective requirements for alternative programs; (3) a comparison of how traditional and alternative pathways differ in critical ways; and (4) a discussion of variations in the types of alternative routes that exist with respect to their goals and strategies.