School Improvement

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Graduation 20/20 Pilot Focus Group Results download PDF LinkReserch Brief  
Amber Stohr, August 2015
School teams participating in the Graduation 20/20 pilot project participated in a focus group interview in August 2015 to provide information that could be used to inform improvements in the Graduation 20/20 program. This research brief summarizes school teams' views about benefits of participation, challenges and barriers encountered, and suggestions and recommendations for improving the program.

ESEA LEA Consolidated Monitoring 2011-2012: Feedback from Subrecipients download PDF LinkResearch Brief download PDF LinkReport
Anduamlak Meharie, June 2012
The Consolidated Monitoring Survey was designed by the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) Office of Research in consultation with representatives from the WVDE Division of Educator Quality and System Support. The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback regarding the quality, relevance, and usefulness of the federal consolidated monitoring process for improving the WVDE’s efforts to assist districts with school improvement initiatives and to build capacity.

School Improvement Grant: Evaluation Report for 2010-2011 (Redacted Edition).   download PDF Link
Anduamlak Meharie, Nate Hixson, and Patricia Cahape Hammer, January 2012 (Redacted edition published in March 2013)
This report provides the results of a multimethod evaluation research study to determine the impact of the School Improvement Grant program on participating schools in West Virginia. Note: A portion of the data used in this study was collected with the understanding that it would be held confidential; consequently we have used codes in place of school names throughout this publically available version of the report (originally published for internal use only in 2012) and redacted information that could be identified with any individual school.

Examining the Effectiveness of Closing the Achievement Gap Professional Development Demonstration Schools download PDF LinkResearch Brief download PDF LinkReport
Larry J. White, Nate Hixson, Patricia Cahape Hammer, Diane L. Smith, and Juan DBrot, December 2010
A demonstration program, the Closing the Achievement Gap Professional Development Demonstration Schools, implemented in 30 struggling schools located in 10 counties across the state from 2004 to 2009 resulted in narrowing the achievement gap between African American students and their White peers in mathematics and reading/language arts. Similar gains occurred for students with disabilities and economically disadvantaged students. This report provides information about the program and the study.

Examining the Effectiveness of Improvement Efforts in West Virginia Title I Schools Identified for Corrective Action or Restructuring   download PDF LinkReport
Larry White and Diana L. Smith, 2009
This study examines the impact of the programs, initiatives, and services implemented in 12 Title I schools identified for corrective action or restructuring based on AYP indicators. The study included (a) a comparison of five years of WESTEST mathematics and reading/language arts data for the experimental (Title I) and control schools; (b) the analysis of results of on-site observations of the experimental schools to determine the level of implementation of the funded programs, initiatives, and services; and (c) the analysis of data obtained during face-to-face interviews with 120 participants regarding various aspects of those interventions.