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West Virginia Universal Free Meals Pilot: Evaluation Report download PDF LinkResearch Brief download PDF LinkReport
Anduamlak Meharie, Andy Whisman, Nate Hixson, Patricia Cahape Hammer, Yetty A. Shobo, Amber Stohr, January 2013
The West Virginia Universal Free Meals Pilot project provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of financial need, in 72 schools in seven counties during the 2011-2012 school year. This report examines the implementation and impacts of the pilot, including both the benefits realized and the challenges encountered and overcome.

Online Student Survey 2008--In Their Own Words: Students Respond to 21st Century School Questions   download PDF LinkReport
Larry White, Jason E. Perdue, and Diana L. Smith, 2008
In May 2008, the West Virginia Department of Education launched an online student survey, which provided students with an opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns on what is and is not working within their schools and to express what their ideal school would look like. The survey analysis presented in this report was used as feedback to fine-tune the 21st Century Learning initiative.