History of the Office of Research

As part of its Global 21 restructuring efforts, in 2008, the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) created an internal research unit within the Office of Assessment, Accountability. Renaming the office to The Office of Assessment, Accountability and Research. This office resided within the Division of Curriculum and Instruction.

The internal research unit was created to provide WVDE with expertise in research literature reviews, research studies, program evaluations, data analysis, and the framework to conduct ongoing formative and summative evaluation activities. The internal research unit serves as a clearinghouse for all WVDE internal, external and joint research and evaluation projects.

In 2010 the Office of Research was moved out of their original Assessment Office home and became a separate office within the Division of Curriculum and Instruction Services. This structure allows for overall cost effectiveness and rapid response data-based decision making.