Current IRB Members

This page contains information about the staff who currently serve upon the WVDE IRB. The current WVDE IRB roster is as follows:

Current WVDE IRB Membership
Last updated: March 2017
Name Earned Degrees Representative Group Experience Relationship to WVDE
Patricia C. Hammer M.A. IRB Chair, scientist Education research and evaluation, rural education Employee
Amber Stohr M.A. IRB co-chair, scientist Education research and evaluation, epidemiology Employee
Robert Surface B.S. Member, nonscientist Computer science, data analysis Employee
Georgia Hughes-Webb M.A. Member, scientist Education evaluation, data governance Employee
Nate Hixson M.A. Member, scientist Education research and evaluation None
Andy Whisman Ph.D. WVDE ORAD executive director, ex officio member (nonvoting) Program evaluation, social science Employee
Jennifer Kozak N/A IRB administrative assistant (nonvoting member) Administrative assistant Employee

Important Information for WVDE Employees

The current Human Protections Program Administrator is Mr. Warren Patterson (