Continuing Review/Closure of Previously Approved Projects

Continuing review is required for all expedited and full board approved research projects that shall exceed one calendar year of implementation from the original protocol approval date. Exempt projects are not subject to continuing review. Projects that pose more than minimal risk as determined by the IRB committee may be subject to continuing review more often than annually.

Project closure is necessary upon termination or completion of any research project. Projects are considered to have reached completion when the study is closed to new participants and follow up and all data collection is complete. If researchers propose to follow-up with participants at a later date, the project is not considered complete and must undergo annual continuing review. Projects that utilize personally identifiable information are not considered complete until all data analyses are completed. Projects are considered terminated if, after receiving initial IRB approval, they are abandoned for any reason.

Typical Continuing/Closure Periods for Each Category of Research Project
Type of Initial Review Time Period for Continuing/Closure Review Approval
Exempt Not Required
Expedited Up to 15 business days or 3 weeks
Full Board Up to 25 business days or 5 weeks

Form Required for Continuing/Closure Review

IRB Project Continuation/Closure Request Form

Important Information for WVDE Employees

Investigators are reminded to submit the Continuing Review/Closure Form with enough lead time for the IRB to complete the review before the current term for project approval expires.