The Office of Research operates as unit within the West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Assessment and Research. Our mission is to provide scientifically rigorous, independent, and objective research and program evaluation services to state education policy makers and the West Virginia Department of Education.

The WVDE Office of Research adheres to the American Evaluation Association Guiding Principles for Evaluators, including systematic inquiry, competence, integrity/honesty, respect for people, and responsibilities for general and public welfare. 

We believe program staff understand the contexts and challenges of their work better than any outsider. That’s why we subscribe to a participatory evaluation philosophy that engages these individuals as active partners throughout the entire research/evaluation process. This approach ensures our program evaluations and research studies are targeted toward meeting program needs and yield actionable recommendations that program staff will value and use to improve outcomes.

Our goals include the following:

  1. Support the implementation of the WVDE data governance and data access and use policies, and protect human subjects involved in WVDE research.
  2. Build and apply knowledge, skills, and competencies related to effective use of education evaluation practice in program development and policy making in West Virginia.
  3. Provide targeted research, evaluation, and data support services to the WVDE and partners as they relate to conditions that influence student learning.

The Office of Research provides a range of services including the following: