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§127-4-3 7 g Code for Interscholastic Athletics
2019-05-10 10:16:51David Williamson
Madison WV
As a former coach/current parent to future high school athletes, Id like to see this go through. It gives more teams the chance to make it to Charleston to the state tournament.  
Id actually like to see it implemented in all sports.  
The 1 caveat that Id like to see is that each school cannot be moved more than one classification. For example, the numbers Ive seen has Winfield in AAAA. Going from AA to AAAA is a huge discrepancy.  
Thank You
2019-05-10 21:59:32S G Perry
Chas WV
This is so wrong. Winfield has a great special ed. program. Now the athletes have to pay ?  
2019-05-14 10:45:51Trent Sherman
Martinsburg High School
Martinsburg WV
The proposal of 4 classifications for basketball is a move in the right direction when it comes to fair and balanced play in WV. It will also get more students involved in extra-curricular activities by allowing success at more schools. This proposal may not be the end all be all but it is a step in the right direction.  
2019-05-29 09:50:46Jeffery Hoops
Scott Depot WV
Under the means that this proposal is written, Winfield High School will be moved to 4A status, when in fact it barely has enough students to compete at the proposed 3A level. This will destroy athletics. Instead how about work on policing student transfers as they relate to athletic purposes. Thank you.  
2019-06-03 16:59:27James Bailes
Booster President
Buffalo Bison Football
Eleanor WV
4 Class Proposal (SSAC)  
Please take a look at the information, comments, concerns that our group has put together concerning this proposal. We are extremely troubled about the long term effects on many WV high school athletic programs this new proposal could have. For some schools it will be a problem competitively; for some a financial issue; for some it could decrease participation and for several it will affect ali of the above.  
We believe this to be the most negative and unfair proposal of change that has come out of the SSAC office concerning WV high school sports in the past 50 years.  
In the past classification for WV high schools has been based solely on student enrollment. This new classification uses a model that involves other criteria in addition to enrollment to figure schools position in the final classification process. A formula is used. The formulas other three areas are areas and numbers that allow the SSAC to get done what they couldn get done with enrollment figures only. I will try the best l/we can to explain our issues with the formula and the proposals Its numbers, its complicated—lts meant to be like that although the SSAC will disagree.  
We think the numbers for some of the criteria are skewed, inaccurate, inconsistent and unfair and maybe even illegal.  
Why the 4 class proposal; Why use additional criteria besides enroll; Why use this additional criteria and mathematical formulas.  
Answer- The current leadership of the SSAC and some membered (Class A) schools in the current classification structure want some/most (successful athletically) current Class a Catholic/Private schools moved out of Class A and into a higher classification and they cannot get it done by using enrollment alone.  
(The Criteria For The 4 Class Proposal)  
70% School Enrollment  
10% —(Location 1) How Close Your School Is To County Seat  
2) How Close Your School Is To Cities With Population of 10,000 (and above). We have 13 in WV.  
10%—(Economics) Has To Do with Free/Reduced Lunches and Medium House Hold Income Of County  
* *And Yes Theyve made these figures and the formula so complicated a person gets tired of looking and trying to figure it out.  
**Again We feel this particu!ar area (Economics) is manipulated to get the results they need to move those private/Catholic Schools in class. We believed this area to be inaccurate and in fact statistically bias.  
Proponents of this proposal say they are seeking competitive balance. I believe their committee was called the fair play committee.  
What is competitive balance? What are we trying to achieve? It looks to us that 3 classes based on enrollment with the same number of schools in each class would be equal and balanced.  
Again the criteria for the new proposed classification and the reason for it is questionable. it is so blatantly evident why location and economics were added to enrollment as criteria. -- To make sure private schools were moved into Class AA. Yes Greater Beckley, Parkersburg Catholic, Madonna ell remained A. What separates them from the other private schools (Charleston Catholic, Huntington St. Joe, Wheeling Central, Trinity, and Clarksburg Notre Dame)? It is simple, total up the state championships of the 5 that moved and the 3 private schools that remained A. CHAMPIONSHIPS FOLKS CHAMPIONSHIPS!  
What does how close you are to a city of 10,000 or how close you are to a county seat have to do with anything? Not being demeaning, Lincoln County is one of the current largest AA schools in the state; they are right outside Charleston and I believe in or near county seat. Those folks have had little or no success in football, baseball, basketbali. The new criteria moves Buffalo of Putnam from Ato AA which means location factors were involved. They struggle to compete in football, basketball now. And theVll move to Class AA. We carry a few schools to failure with the new proposal/criteria so we can move those five private schools and then say we are creating competitive balance and we are being fair.  
Webster County—Low in both location and economics. Did they not win state championship? Chapmanville Regional—Best basketball team in the state, state champions. Location low, economics low.  
STOP. Please don questions my intelligence. its not how many students, where the school is located or economics. Its not about any of these things. Its about which Jimmy and Joes/Mary or Mary Anns you have. The oldest saying in athletics.  
At Chapmanville you think the 6-9 kid adopted from another country; the starter at Huntington transferring; the two starters at Scott transferring, had anything to do with their success? I think so. And I don think the kid transferred from Huntington to Chapmanville for academic reasons.  
Winfield High School —They are being penalized because of the new criteria. Ripley and Hampshire with 200 more students than Winfield move down a class, while Winfield moves to the highest class. Statistical bias (another casualty) but we got those five private schools moved. I think those four players Chapmanville got would help Winfield more than great location and economics.  
Only 3 of 8 Catho!ic/Private schools use a form of free reduced lunch program. Public Schools in 55 Counties  
Forty counties use the Community Education Provision to figure how many students get free/reduced lunch. Fifteen counties use the traditional (individual signup) method to figure how many students get free reduced lunch.  
IS THIS MEAN CALCULATIONS are accurate, consistent, fair. Or is there statistical bias?  
Example—Putnam County uses the traditional method for figuring numbers of kids receiving  
free reduced lunch; however if Putnam used the Community Education Provision, Buffalo and all other  
Putnam County Schools would have many more students getting free and reduced lunches thus keeping Buffalo High School Class A in the new classifications.  
Economic Scores From Schools In Same City(note the higher the score, the higher your total score, the higher your classification in the new system)  
Public School  
Private School  
Morgantown HS — 0.45  
Trinity HS -0.94  
Capital HS -0.33  
Charleston Catholic — 0.97  
Wheeling Park — 0.38  
Wheeling Central Catholic — 0.91  
Huntington HS -0.22  
Huntington St. Joe — 0.65  
Weir HS -0.41  
Weirton Madonna — 0.95  
Please don tell me that this economic score is not a bias, skewed, statistically bias figure used in this formula to again affect the ciassification of Private Catholic schools. Look at economic scores of students in different schools in same cities.​  
Fifty of West Virginias 55 counties lost population between 2017 and 2018. Yes this impacts student population. Kanawha County lost 540, Putnam lost students — POPULATION DECREASING, yet we are going from 3 classes to 4.  
NEVER EVER IN ITS HISTORY HAS THE SSAC changed classification alignment and not been prepared to do it in all sports. If this new classification system is so good/ Lets Go. Why just a trial in basketball?  
​​Conflict Interest  
Is there a conflict of interest?  
Two SSAC Board Members Are Also On the WV Department of Education Board  
So Mr. Dunlevy and Mr. Wilson belong to a body that makes proposals such as this current 4 class once. And also part of the body that votes to pass or turn down the said proposal. Legal Issues?  
​If this new proposal and new classification is so good lets go in all sports. Why don they, SSAC has plenty of time to get read.  
Why not try a Fall, Winter, and Spring sport? Football, Basketball (boys & girls), and Baseball (boys), Softball(girls). They are considered our so called major sports. Why not go ahead if this new classification is so good.  
How will anything about basketball tell us its okay to go in football, wrestling, or certain girls sports. ​Is there another formula we are waiting on or is it  
1) Add one day state tournament; SSAC will show great financial gains from regionals and state tournaments, so its a success.  
2) Or is it because Catholic/Private Schools have more state championships in boys, girls basketball than any other sport. So someone else gets a trophy. Lets give every team one. (We lowered standards for an "N in the public grading system from 93 to 90/Lets lower our athletic standards also —Who Cares!) Lets get back the beginning. As to why didn SSAC go forward in other sports.  
They had safety concerns in some sports and that comes from people inside the SSAC office. Hey maybe those enrollment numbers do mater more than the SSAC lets on.  
In other words this body (SSAC) goes forward with a proposal of new classifications based on a formula they created and have major concerns of their own if immediately going with it in all sports. UNBELIEVABLE! Legal Issues?  
Athletes for two years at some schools would be playing basketball in one class and all other sports in another.  
Your telling me that some parents (and should be) concerned that their son/daughter playing a higher class in basketball would not have the same opportunity as other athletes at the same school in another lower class.  
Is there a legal question — Equal Opportunity for Success — Schola rships?  
• Have you studied first round football playoff scores since we went from 8 to 16 teams? Youll see more isn better.  
How many schools not seeded 1, 2, 3, 4 ever won state football championships? Look at scores of first round games (most not competitive) more teams, more money made, NO SUCCESS  
Mrs. Sullivan pointed out how many different schools in each current class have appeared in the state tournament play in various sports.  
Mr. Dolin (not exact quote) said, "Well Ws iust not about being in the state tournament, its about winning championships."  
Well, Lets go back to 8 or even 4 teams in football playoffs; 8 to 4 teams in basketball — see what schools and their supporters think about that.  
Mr. Dolin has an agenda and a targeted group.  
• Many people were upset with the small number of schools in Class AAA in the past reclassification — Said AAA became watered down.  
In AAA a team could be in a 3 team sectional. Have top seed to automatically in sectional final  
(lose) move on to regional and win and then of course be in state tournament. WIN ONE GAME TO GET TO SATE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT now thats an accomplishment. Is that really what we want? 5 OF 8 AAA teams lost in sectional finals and advanced to state tournament. One became AAA state champions.  
With new proposal that possibility will exist in 4A, 3A, 2A because all those classes will have less schools than current AAA which I described above has now  
New Proposal — 28 schools (4A) 28 schools (3A)  
27 schools (2A)  
41 schools (A)  
You also see with new proposal why most top two classes (their schools) not saying anything negative.  
​​4A mostly old AAA  
3A mostly old AA  
However when you got to 2A & A— PROBLEM (and thats over 50% schools) thats where most movement occurred and why?  
Mr. Dolin has an agenda and a targeted group.  
Again why try just basketball?  
Number of state championships by Catholic/ Private Schools since 1977.  
Cheerleading 4  
Cross Country  
​ Volleyball​4  
​Soccer​6 (1988 Boys)  
Girls Basketball 30  
BOYS Basketball  
Softball O  
Boys Tennis  
Girls Tennis  
Boys Track  
Girls Track  
Mr. Dolin has an agenda and a targeted group.  
• State basketball tournament would be extended one more day, start Tuesday.  
Thats another day out of class for athletes and student bodies. Participants for sure like to watch other teams in other classes.  
More time (days) would be needed for state tournaments in several sports if the new classification spreads. Maybe thats the goal — more time out of classroom.  
• Martinsburg won 7 consecutive football championships. Do we need a formula to move them to  
What about George Washingtons 11 consecutive boys state championships in tennis, do we need a formula to move them?  
Poca won state football championships in 2001, 2002, 2003 and didn have another winning season for almost 15 years.  
Same location from county seat Same distances from cities of 10,000  
Same economics.  
*So many examples by runs by different schools in different sports having runs of championships in the history of high school sports in our state.  
When this was first leaked out me and some other coaches thought someone was having some fun, playing a joke, we at it. Then we found it was a bad joke unfortunately coming from SSAC.  
Ive been told the SSAC didn think it would even pass state board for comments.  
*But politically all the homework was done and it passed!  
Vote to pass new proposal — only 47.5% voted.  
They (SSAC) brag about the vote to pass this proposal 111-26.  
(in 2017 there were 288 membered schools in SSAC) 137 participated in this vote to pass 4 class proposal — 47.5%  
Well thats all that were there —well that still less than 50% of members passed a major proposal for 100%.